The first self-serve social advertising platform that connects brands with highly engaged online influencers.


Create campaigns and hire influencers for social capitol, content, distribution sponsorships, etc.

Scale your distribution

Amplify the reach of your content as influencers share to their to a collective of audience of millions.

Analytics and Insights

Track all your important campaign metrics: views, likes, retweets, comments and click-throughs.

What we do

For Brands

Identify Influencers Identify Influencers

Find the influencers who connect with your brands target audience and gather insights, analytics and data prior to hiring.

Set Your Budget Set Your Budget

Social advertising doesn't have to be expensive or confusing. Brands can easily manage, setup, and edit budgets.

Grow Your Customers Grow Your Customers

Exposely allows brands to target your key audience through our influence network to engage with your your product or service.


For Influencers

Make Money Make Money

Influencers earn money for doing what they love creating branded content that set trends by engaging with their audience.

Professional Tools Professional Tools

Exposely maximize earnings and insights through our constant flow of brand deals and intelligent dashboard.

No Contracts No Contracts

Exposely is free to join and there are no contracts, obligations, or rights that you give up
to us.


How we do

Influencer marketing doesn't need to be confusing or expensive. If content is king, exposely is queen.
Exposely makes influencers marketing dead simple. If content is king, we are queen.

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